Appoint an identifiable support team

Do pupils in your school have a clear understanding of who they can reach out to if they think they might be LGBT+, are the victims of LGBT+ bullying or have questions about LGBT+ issues? A highly visible support team is important for guaranteeing that LGBT+ pupils know who they can turn to.

Make sure your team are visibly identifiable with a special badge or lanyard.


In a secondary school, the support team doesn’t need to be made up of only staff - pupils can make excellent peer mentors and many schools around the UK already have a team of pupils they have trained to do just that.


We’d be happy to talk to any appointed staff, and if you’d like to organise a training session to prepare staff or students for the role, just let us know.

Staff role includes

Being the ‘first port of call’ for pupils who need advice or want to talk - pupil or staff


Having specialist and nuanced knowledge of the needs of LGBT+ pupils, which clearly differentiates between the needs of pupils with different identities, concerns, cultural backgrounds, etc.


Having a clear understanding of if and when something becomes a safeguarding concern


Delivering regular whole-school training on LGBT+ essentials and relevant topics (on a support team, this may only apply to one person)

Pupil role includes

Being someone that other pupils feel they can turn to when they need advice or want to talk


Having a good understanding of the needs of LGBT+ pupils, knowing that there are different considerations for different people


Having a clear understanding as to when they need to tell a member of school staff about something

“It’s helped me feel less isolated and more confident about being myself. It’s nice to have a place to go to where the people within it understand some struggles that you’re going through.”