LGBT+ action plan for the
year - Primary

We’ve put together a month-by-month guide to building LGBT+ inclusion and equality in your school in the coming year.



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Review your schemes of learning 
Share your School Diversity Week photos, stories and
feedback with Just Like Us



Begin process of updating school policies
Run the School Staff Survey to look at training needs, and book a slot for January INSET


Recruit and train an LGBT+ support team in school


Get revised school policies finalised and agreed


Run our LGBT+ 101 INSET for staff, adapted for primary pupils
Prepare display board content to put up in February, in time for LGBT+ History Month


Run a lesson with your pupils on a key LGBT+ figure from history for LGBT+ History Month, such as Alan Turing or Anne Lister


Use our book list to share books for World Book Day
Run our lesson on gender for Trans Day of Visibility on 31 March


Let everyone know you’ll be taking part in School Diversity Week
Ask for their ideas about how best to run the week


Share the School Diversity Week toolkit with staff - ask everyone to sign up to teach one LGBT+ themed activity/lesson with their classes


Work with your colleagues and older KS2 pupils to get events planned for School Diversity Week


Take part in School Diversity Week!
Share your School Diversity Week photos, stories and feedback with
Just Like Us