LGBT+ reading (primary)

Note on reading ages: these are suggestions only, and will of course vary depending on the young people you’re working with.



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KS1, KS2

LGBT+ Booklist (created by the School Library Association)

A pack curated by the School Library Association including their recommendations for KS1 and KS2 LGBT+ books


And Tango makes Three 

Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell 

Roy and Silo, two male penguins at the Central Park Zoo, try to hatch a rock. Their keeper provides them with a fertile egg and the chance to become a family.


Julian is a Mermaid

Jessica Love 

While with his Nana, Julian notices three women dressed spectacularly.  Julian wants nothing more than to dress up just like them and become a mermaid. 


Erin & Roderick Discover Families

Fliss Goldsmith

Erin and Roderick are siblings who make lots of discoveries together. A beautiful summer’s day calls for a picnic in the park with friends and of course family – but what is a family? 


Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly 

Sue Heap and Nick Sharratt 

Nick and Sue have very different tastes. The book helps children understand that, despite their different tastes, they still like each other.


This is our House

Michael Rosen 

George says the cardboard house belongs to him and no one else, but Lindy, Marly, Freddie, Charlene, Marlene, Luther, Sophie and Rasheda have other ideas! 


Are you a Boy or are you a Girl? 

Sarah Savage and Fox Fisher 

Tiny doesn’t tell other children whether they are a boy or a girl. They like to play dress-up, as both a fairy and a knight. When they start a new school some other children struggle to understand. 


King and King 

Linda de Hann and Stern Nijland 

A grouchy queen tells her son that it is time for him to get married.  Instead of a princess, he falls in love with Prince Lee.

KS1, KS2

Picnic in the Park

Joe Griffiths and Tony Pilgrim 

In telling the story of Jason’s birthday picnic and his guests, children are introduced to different family types, from one and two parent families, to gay and lesbian families.

KS1, KS2

Dad David, Baba Chris and Me

Ed Merchant 

Ben was adopted by his gay parents when he was four years old, and they live happily together. Ben’s school teacher, Miss Patel, helps him to understand that children live in all kinds of families.

KS1, KS2

Prince Henry

Olly Pike

The story follows Prince Henry in his fairy tale kingdom where certain laws apply when it comes to choosing who you can spend your life with. 

KS1, KS2

10,000 Dresses 

Marcus Ewert and Rex Ray 

Bailey dreams about magical dresses, but when Bailey is awake, no one wants to hear about these beautiful dreams. When Bailey meets Laurel, they begin making dresses together.

KS1, KS2

This Day in June

Gayle E. Pitman 

This Day In June welcomes readers to experience a pride celebration and share in a day when we are all united.


Two Weeks with the Queen 

Morris Gleitzman 

Colin's brother has cancer and the doctors don't seem able to cure him. Sent to London, Colin is desperate to do something. He wants to find the best the doctor in the world. Where better to start than by going to the top? 


The Pants Project

Cat Clarke 

Liv knows he was always meant to be a boy, but with his new school's terrible dress code, he can't even wear trousers: only skirts. So “Operation: Pants Project” begins! 



Raina Telgemeier 

Callie loves theater, and she’d love to audition for her school's play, but she can’t sing. She becomes the set designer and she’s determined to create a huge success.



Alex Gino 

When people look at George, they think they see a boy, but she knows she's a girl. When the class  perform Charlotte's Web, the teacher says she can't even audition for a girl's role ... because she's a boy.



Noelle Stevenson 

Five best friends are determined to have a great summer together - but there’s a quest and a range of supernatural creatures which want to get in the way.