Review your schemes of learning

School Diversity Week can be a great opportunity to start a whole-school project embedding LGBT+ inclusion in your schemes of learning.

You could run this initiative as a more general ‘diversity inclusion’ project, to
ensure that your schemes are fully inclusive of all protected characteristics.

There are plenty of ways to do this:

make use of our subject-specific lessons - add them as a permanent part of your schemes


where relevant, use images which depict same-sex couples, trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming people


make sure presentations and resources use ‘sex’ when you mean anatomical sex, and ‘gender’ when it refers to gender identity or gender expression


take out all gendered language (refer to ‘people’ instead of ‘men and women’)


include works by LGBT+ individuals (e.g. in English or Art), or mention when an LGBT+ person is included in the curriculum


open an ‘Identities’ section in your school library


double-check you're ready for LGBT+ relationships and sex education to be covered in SRE ahead of statutory implementation this September 


include ways for school staff to consistently challenge negative remarks and stereotypes about LGBT+ people in the classroom (e.g. setting expectations before debates, preparing responses to difficult questions or negativity)