Social media

Three people taking selfies in the mirror.

Take a selfie

Dressing up? Holding a non-uniform day? Taking part in Rainbow Friday? Attach a selfie to your tweet!

Several rainbow flags with rainbow flag pins. Below is a message that reads "There are no outsiders in our school".

Get creative

If you’ve made a poster, presentation or artwork to celebrate diversity in your school - show us!

A crowd of people on a school field releasing balloons of many different colours.

Record a video

Holding a virtual assembly, debate, role-play or game? Why not record it and add it to a tweet?

During School Diversity Week, we’ll be using social media to showcase schools’ and colleges’ fantastic ideas to champion LGBT+ equality. The best way to engage with us is by tweeting at @JustLikeUsUK to tell us what you’re doing for #SchoolDiversityWeek.

You can make use of our template tweets below to celebrate the events that your school or college is running for #SchoolDiversityWeek 2021!

Please note that images tweeted by schools may be retweeted by the charity on the presumption that you have followed school safeguarding and data protection practices.

For #SchoolDiversityWeek, we’re celebrating why we want our school to be a place where every child – including those who are LGBT+ or have LGBT+ families – can be themselves at school @JustLikeUsUK

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This week is @JustLikeUsUK's #SchoolDiversityWeek so we’re exploring why LGBT+ equality should matter to everyone 🌈

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We’re excited to be joining over two million pupils in celebrating #SchoolDiversityWeek with @JustLikeUsUK!

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We're joining @JustLikeUsUK's #SchoolDiversityWeek, showing our support for LGBT+ pupils, teachers and parents

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We’re joining @JustLikeUsUK for School Diversity Week, showing our support for LGBT+ pupils, teachers and parents #SchoolDiversityWeek

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We’re empowering our pupils to champion LGBT+ equality and challenge prejudice by celebrating @JustLikeUsUK's #SchoolDiversityWeek

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We're proud to be part of #SchoolDiversityWeek because we believe every child should be able to be themselves @JustLikeUsUK

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