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Photos: School Diversity Week <ADD PHOTO IF DESIRED>


Pupils from <SCHOOL NAME> will be joining over two million pupils and school staff across the UK in celebrating School Diversity Week 2021 (21-25 June), the national celebration of LGBT+ (lesbian, gay bisexual and trans) equality in education, organised by the charity Just Like Us (justlikeus.org).

Section 28, which made it difficult for schools to address LGBT+ issues in a positive way, was repealed in 2003. But unfortunately, growing up remains unacceptably tough for LGBT+ young people, who are more than twice as likely to worry daily about their mental health. That’s why <SCHOOL NAME> pupils and school staff are getting creative to make school a place where every young person can be themselves and thrive.

Explaining the importance of School Diversity Week, Headteacher, <HEADTEACHER NAME>, said

As part of the week, pupils and school staff will be running <ANY EVENTS BEING HELD>. Describing why School Diversity Week matters, pupil <PUPIL NAME> in <YEAR X>, said “<QUOTATION 2>”.

Schools interested in taking part in School Diversity Week can visit www.justlikeus.org to find out more information, sign up and receive their free toolkit of teaching resources.

Notes to editors
1. School Diversity Week is a voluntary initiative happening 21-25 June, 2021 across the UK. Lasst year schools representing 1.9 million pupils signed up to celebrate School Diversity Week, which has been backed by all major political parties and the Department for Education. The week helps schools meet their obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and Ofsted’s Inspectorate Framework to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

2. During School Diversity Week, Just Like Us provides signed-up schools with a free toolkit of resources for all key stages, across the curriculum.

3. Half (48%) of secondary school and college pupils have had little to zero positive messaging about LGBT+ people in the past year, according to new independent research released by Just Like Us in 2021. LGBT+ young people are twice as likely to feel lonely and more than twice as likely to worry daily about their mental health, the independent research also found.

4. Just Like Us is a registered charity, number 1665194, with more information available at

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